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El Salvador 

Center of Excellence

The objective of the same is foster closer relationship with the reception country, offer Indian IT leadership experience in IT services  and act as a catalyst to establish better trade relationship with the recipient country. This would essentially mean the following:- 
  • Penetrate to a diverse section of society and intelligentsia in the recipient country
  • Create a platform of goodwill and friendship with the people of the recipient country
  • Promote a positive image of India, using our capabilities in Information technology.
  • Increase the visibility of Brand India in the recipient country

Contract Awarding Body:

Ministry of External Affairs, India

Brief Description of the Project:

  • Project duration: 2 years
  • Students: Provided by the host government
  • # of students to be trained: 800
  • Courses: Short duration courses varying from 24 hours to 96 hours (Java, Linux, .NET, Networking, SQL, Database, Office Applications etc)
  • Audience: Students & Professors from Universities, High schools, Technical schools, Engineering colleges, Employees from Ministry, Judiciary, Govt. departments, General public
  • Faculty: NIIT staff
  • Courseware, Online testing and certification for successful candidates
  • Center Administration: Host government


  • 2 online classrooms, 1 Faculty room, 1 Server room along with LCD projectors, Scanners, Printers, UPS


  • The first IT Center of Excellence was set up by NIIT in Cuba. This center has successfully completed it’s 2 year duration and NIIT is in the process of getting an extension for 1 year for the project.

Current engagements:

  •  Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Jamaica.