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NIIT Uniqua 
NIIT entered into a joint venture with Genpact to launch NIIT Institute of Process Excellence.The new institute called NIIT Uniqua offers knowledge and training in business processes, and soft skills. It addresses the increasing demand for skilled workers in the business & technology services industry. The training programs are offered in areas such as business processes, language skills, business communication, finance and accounting, banking, insurance and supply chain.

Genpact and NIIT combine their respective strengths to offer the industry’s most comprehensive training curriculum for existing and potential employees of business services and technology companies. The training curriculum is designed to provide students with a sound knowledge of business processes, basic voice training, followed by a specialization in advanced voice training and basic finance.

The course includes three months of classroom training followed by a one month of internship in an ITES company. NIIT Uniqua has a blended learning curriculum, with a good mix of computer based and instructor led training. In addition to this, the institute offers hands-on practice on business processing functions and applications. Highly automated training systems, and a pool of trainers from the industry, are deployed to address the training needs of students.